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The Do’s and Don’ts of Vaping


The Do’s 


Know why you are vaping 

Are you transitioning to vaping from using tobacco products? Or are you vaping because you find that it is a fun hobby? Knowing the answer to this key question will help determine which products will give you the most enjoyable experience.
Knowing the reason that you are vaping will also determine the type of e-liquid you should buy. New vapers often prefer tobacco or menthol e-liquids with a higher PG ratio, while advanced users tend to prefer unique, complex, fruity, and/or sweet flavours that come in high-VG.

Be an informed vaper  

Do your research, especially on vape safety, devices, batteries and tanks. There are plenty of reviewers out there who will advise and show the best safe way to vape.



Buy from a reputable company 

One of the biggest reasons people give up on vaping is because they buy cheap gear that does not work well. Discount e-liquid can also put a new user off. Do yourself a favour-flavour and buy quality liquids from the House of Liquid range so that you do not have to go out and waste your money later. You do not have to buy from us, but many have and keep coming back for more to a trustworthy company such as ours.

If you want to be sure that your e-liquid will work properly without any problems, it is better to trust an experienced company. The guy on the street or market who offers a ‘too-good-to-be-true type deal’ on e-liquids is most likely not TPD registered, which means none of those products that have not been tested. Look at reviews and see what other people are saying.

Here at the House of Liquid, all our products have firstly rigorously put through independent testing attesting to their ingredients and properties and then submitted to the TPD for approval. Plus, we regularly sample batches of products and put them through laboratory analysis as to their consistency of recipe. We are proud of our product and we feel it is our personal responsibility to provide you with a product that you can repeat order many times without the flavour changing.

Care for your E-Liquid 

Keep your e-liquid out of direct sunlight or even in a little fridge to prevent the flavours and nicotine from degrading. Air will also degrade the ingredients of e-liquid. You cannot prevent all air exposure, but you can prevent more than is necessary by keeping the cap on the bottle when it is not in use. You should always keep your e-liquid out of reach of children and pets. Also remember that in extreme summer heat your e-liquid will expand so be careful where you carry your device as it could have a rather messy top shirt pocket in the heat.

Be respectful of others around you 

Vaping is not the same as smoking, us vapers all know this, but people who are unfamiliar with vaping may not know that. Be respectful of others’ space. Vape in areas where smoking is allowed, vape away from crowded areas and always ask for permission before vaping in someone’s home. 

Remember there is a lot of misguided information surrounding vaping and if we all vape responsibly then this will improve the image of vaping.

Use the recommended and correct charging equipment from your supplier 

Better do not try to use your phone adapter. In the worst-case scenario, you will have to buy a new charger for the phone, a new mod and, of course, a new cable for charging the mod. Not only that, I heard of one guy who let his mod over charge grabbing off his desk, burning his arm in the process and then threw it on his panel floor burning that as well - a very expensive and painful experience. If in doubt, contact the manufactory of your mod and find out what charger you should be using and always remember vaping safety always comes first.

Clean your mod 

Do not forget to clean not only your atomiser and mouthpiece, but also your mod from time to time. (ever checked the chimney on your atomiser?)  It might be very dirty, as you touch it very, very often. In fact, another device which has a similar fate – a TV remote – is scientifically proven to be one of the dirtiest everyday items. You can use moist/wet tissues to clean the larger surfaces of your mod, and take some cotton ear picks to carefully access the threading or vent. We can also recommend alcohol wipes. 


Use matching batteries for dual devices 

For dual battery devices, it is recommended that you use a matched pair of labelled, brand new, identical batteries; mismatched batteries will wear out more quickly because they often discharge at uneven rates and can ruin both batteries; ensure batteries are inserted & used the correct way


Store batteries safely 

Do not store external batteries in a hot car, in a pocket, or any place where metal-on-metal contact could be made; we recommend storing batteries in a battery case. There are plenty of carrying cases or silicone sleeves to protect your spare batteries whilst on the move. 


Battery Silicone Sleeve


Clean your coils 

There is a section on this here and it might save you some money in doing so. LINK


The Don’ts 

Too many times you see in the media that Vaping is dangerous because of exploding mods etc.… But this is because people have not followed the guidelines in charging their device or bad management of batteries and thought they knew better. You would not drive your car down the motorway with a loose wheel at 70mph would you – then take the same safety precautions when vaping.

Do not assume that you have the right to vape anywhere and everywhere you go 

If a home or business owner does not make it clear that “vaping/smoking is allowed” do not assume they are okay with you using your device. Just ask! If they say no, just step outside to vape for a moment and then go on with your day. Don’t get angry and make a scene. You’re representing all of us each time you go out with your device!


Do not overtighten your atomiser 

We all know what happens when we overtighten a screw – most probably we should find a new one. It is the same with your vaping gear – in worst case scenario, you must buy a new atomiser or/and even a new mod.

Do not use damaged batteries 

No comments are needed here. Same as with every other electronic device that uses batteries, check your power source and make sure that it is not damaged, incorrectly inserted in the mod (when using 18650 type batteries, always check the polarity), and that there are no weird things going on with it. Scratches on the sides of the battery can cause shorts and there are plenty of battery sleeves being sold so that you can make them safe again. All you do is cut it to length, put it over your battery and use a hair dryer to shrink-wrap it on there

Todds Reviews: Tutorial - Re: Wrapping Batteries

Do not “burn” it 

Do not keep your mod in direct sunlight or in extremely hot places. Keep this in mind especially when leaving your vaping device in your car on a hot summer’s day – the temperatures can get extremely high there in such conditions, and it is definitely not good for your mod. Extremely low temperatures like -20 C or less can break your mod, too.

Do not allow direct water contact 

This is pretty much a standard for all electronic devices, and I am sure that everybody who is in their right mind will keep their favourite vaping device far away from water. Water can really kill your mod and your wallet.

Do not drop it 

Although vapers have found some mods very durable, better don’t take a chance and test your device by dropping it on the floor. It is a nice idea to get some kind of protective gear for it, for example, a leather sleeve or a case, which can also make your mod – and, of course, you – look even hotter.

Do not leave your setup overnight 

Always detach your set up from each other: batteries, from the unit, from the atomiser. Do not ever leave your unit assembled, especially if you are using a tank filled with juice. The juice can leak out of the atomiser into the batteries, causing them to short.

Do not charge willy-nilly 

Always make sure that your charging ports are specifically for e-cigarettes, whether you’re using a battery charger or a USB port. Unregulated charging ports can lead to exploding batteries.

Store improperly 

Never keep your device in your pocket, as it can damage your unit, or activate it accidentally. Many a vaper have suddenly felt their pockets growing hot because they accidentally pressed the switch, causing the unit to fire continuously.

Vape it Burned 

Once you taste the burned taste, drip e-liquid immediately! Burned wicks taste nasty, and what’s worse, they release acrolein, a dangerous chemical found in burning items.

Lastly, do not vape if you’re unsure, or feeling unhealthy 

Vaping is meant to be a healthier alternative to smoking or a way to quit the same, so if you are pregnant, feeling unwell, or suffering from respiratory diseases, you should consult with your doctor before you start vaping. Similarly, if you Are feeling unwell because of vaping, stop immediately.

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