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House of Liquid is featured in the worlds first Vaping Movie!


House of Liquid is featured in the worlds first Vaping Movie!

Vape wave’s ambitions are to be the first and most thorough informative movie about electronic cigarette's incredible worldwide phenomenon. Jan Kounen dives head first into the ever growing vaping world, taking us around the globe to discover this ongoing cultural revolution, the first real alternative to deadly traditional tobacco smoking.
According to Kristofer Dayne, the UK Distributor, the film is planned to be released in the UK this summer, firstly online with passwords through traditional vaping websites and stores. 
I had the pleasure to be one of the lucky ones to preview the film and I can sincerely advise all vapers to watch this. Extremely informative, covering vaping through a spectrum of views, with cinematic quality, and a French cynical, yet satirical approach. 


Health, Tabacco & E-cig :

  • Dr Farsalinos
  • Pr Dautzenberg
  • Jean François Etter (suisse)
  • Docteur Philippe Presles
  • Jacques Le Houezec
  • Robert Proctor

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