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New to vaping?

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This is aimed towards people who are new to vaping and for that very reason we have avoided mentioning RBA's (Rebuildable Atomisers) and other advanced vaping methods. Most of you who read this will be advanced vapers and maybe you can offer your own advice in the comments below and help new vapers kick the habit of deadly tobacco smoking.  

Is vaping a healthier option to smoking tobacco cigarettes?

There is no doubt: vaping is a much better and less harmful alternative to smoking. By switching from smoking to vaping, you can free yourself from thousands of dangerous chemicals, stop worrying about smoking-related health conditions, and bring a multitude of extremely delicious e-liquid flavours in your daily life. However, due to the overabundance of products in the market, disinformation, as well as other factors, the switch itself can be quite difficult for some people.

What is an E-Cigarette and where did they come from?

E-Cigarettes or Personal Vaporisers are a device that gives us an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes by vaporising “e-liquid” - a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings and sometimes nicotine.

In April of 1963, a man named Herbert Gilbert filed a patent for what he called a “Smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette.” The rudimentary device was comprised of a battery, heating element, and a narrow tube that replicated the look and feel of a real cigarette. This patent, which would expire before Gilbert managed to create a commercial version of the device, is the first known example of an e-cig.

Smokeless non-tobacco cigarette

US Patent 3200819 A

In 2003 when a Chinese pharmacist and inventor named Hon Lik patented a small, sleek electronic cigarette that used ultrasound to create vapour from a liquid. Lik’s device was different in function than most e-cigarettes today, but his invention helped develop an interest in vaping as an alternative to smoking.

    Hon Lik Hon Lik

    Flameless electronic atomizing cigarette

    US Patent 20060196518 A1


    In the last few years, vaping has changed significantly. Vapers are buying more advanced vaping devices and "mods" that offer more battery life, customisability and features than their predecessors. As the technology evolves, methods of vaping are improving too, providing even safer means of quitting the deadly habit of smoking cigarettes.

    Today's digital cigarettes have taken vaping well-beyond Gilbert and Hon Lik's original designs and into a new and exciting frontier.

    What device is best for beginners?

    This is a very common question we are often asked and it is also one of the most complex and difficult questions that new users are faced with. With vaping many things like the taste, for instance, are subjective and what works best for one person might not work as well with the next. This is further complicated by the large variety of devices available today. Instead of saying one or two specific devices are best we feel it more appropriate to break down the different styles of devices by experience and skill level needed and let you make the decision yourself and know what direction to move in as well as touching on the advanced devices available.

    What types of vaping devices are available?

    There are four main types of e-cigarettes: disposables, pen-style starter kit mods, box-style mods, and mechanical mods. In the case of mods, the main unit that contains the battery and the power button requires a tank, atomiser, and other components to be added, but we’ll talk about them later.



    Disposable e-cigs are the cheapest and most readily-available form of a vaping device on the market. These are most likely vapers first steps into the world of vaping; however, they do not really allow the full experience of vaping and many people are disillusioned after vaping with these devices.  

    Made by companies like Blu, NJOY, and Veppo, these devices are typically either all-in-one units that are thrown away as a whole as soon as the battery dies, or replaceable units that allow you to recharge the battery but swap out the small cartridge tip, which contains the juice, wick, and heating element.

    Pros: Convenient, cheap, easy to use

    Cons: Usually weak on vapour and taste, batteries don’t last very long


    Pen-style mods

    Pen-style mods are typically much larger than a standard cigarette or disposable e-cig. They usually feature swappable components, allowing you to change the tank, heating coil, and tip of the unit for further customisation.

    These mods are more powerful than a disposable e-cig and will produce more vapour with a higher power than the smaller alternative. Pen-style mods are rechargeable, usually via a USB cable, and some models allow you to swap out the battery from the case.

    Pros: More powerful than disposable e-cigs, larger battery means longer life, customizable

    Cons: Not as powerful as a box mod, more expensive than disposables, requires basic maintenance, still doesn't really give you the full taste


    Box-style mods

    Like the pen-style mods, box-style mods allow you to customise the vaping experience with the tank, coil, and other hardware of your choosing. Even larger than the previous two styles, box mods contain a large battery and often a significant amount of additional wiring and circuitry. This is usually due to the fact that box mods often feature built-in displays that show the temperature, wattage, and other important information.

    Box mods offer more power than the others as well and usually come with several different settings to choose from based on the type of coil and tank you are using. Many modern box mods also feature temperature control features that auto-regulate the power and vapour production without any user input.

    Although these are labelled as more advanced devices for vaping, with a little reading up you can enter the world of vaping by taking this option. There are starter kits out there specifically tailored towards first time vapers such as the Kanger or Aspire products.    

    Pros: Most powerful of all the e-cig options, lots of vapour and taste, feature-packed software to tweak the vaping experience

    Cons: Can be expensive, requires maintenance and part replacements over time, advanced features take some learning

    Vaper Warning: Sub-ohm atomisers are for advanced users. Be sure that you have a great understanding and technical knowledge of sub-ohm coils before using.

    Sub-ohm coils are designed for sub-ohm atomisers and will only work on mechanical mods or devices that can handle sub-ohm resistances of 0.5 ohm's or lower. Do not use short or flat 510 connection on any hybrid or hybrid style device. If you are not familiar or unsure of your device set-up, please inform yourself in researching through the many tutorials on YouTube or the net. Safety always comes first and please remember that.

    Sub-ohm atomisers

    Is sub-ohm vaping dangerous?

    The short answer, it can be. Like anything else, with the proper knowledge, sub-ohm vaping can be perfectly safe. Sub-ohming is only recommended for advanced vapers. If you’ve just started vaping or feel like you don’t have enough knowledge about important topics like Ohm’s Law, then sub-ohm vaping is not for you. You’ll possibly injure yourself and will give credence to the people who are against vaping and would like to see it regulated out of existence. Before sub-ohming, you’ll need to spend a lot of time researching the proper way to vape at sub-ohm levels and the possible risk

    Sub-Ohm vaping refers to vaping with a resistance level of less than 1.0 Ohms. Anything higher than that is considered to be regular resistance vaping. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the various online vape communities, you’ll notice that sub-ohming is a popular trend in vaping. What are the benefits?

    Blowing bigger clouds

    Sub-ohming tends to produce a very dense, large cloud of vapour. A high-quality sub-ohm atomiser will use a much larger wire and wick than a typical high resistance atomiser. To simplify, sub-ohming uses much more power to spread a larger amount of heat over a much larger area, which causes more e-juice to be vaporised in one moment. If you’re concerned about burning the juice, don’t worry. Each specific spot is getting the same amount of heat as it would be with regular atomisers, but the area of atomisation is much larger. This results in more vapour production, which means you’ll be blowing a much bigger cloud.


    Sub-ohming tends to produce larger clouds, it also tends to unlock much more flavour. More vapour with each puff means more flavour as well. This is by far the most popular reason that people start sub-ohming, especially if they suffer from vaper’s tongue.

    Warmer Vapour

    The extra heat that is produced also causes the vapour to be warmer. While a cool vapour is preferred by a lot of people, there are plenty of fans of warm vapour. For them, sub-ohm vaping is one of the best ways to go to achieve the temperature that they want.


    Battery safety basics

    Knowledge is key to safe vaping and it would be very unwise of us not to mention the possible dangers. But in saying that don't be put off by all the sensational headlines that you see from time to time in the media about exploding e-cigs - remember the media is there to sell news and the isolated cases that are reported are due to bad if no correct management of their devices. 

    This area has been covered so many times by others so instead of repeating what others have said, here is an excellent independent site which will cover all the aspects of battery safety.

    Battery Safety by Vaping360

    Stock coils

    The lifespan of coils is an ever-present question, and there’s no clear-cut answer. They come in many different sizes from the sub-ohm coils of 0.2, 0.5, to 1.0 ohm and above. Here are some key factors when it comes to determining the working life of your coils.

    Usage – This really depends on how often you vape. If you vape constantly at a higher wattage, then the coils will quickly deteriorate. Some of our liquids have been known to reduce the lifespan of coils, this is due to the natural sugars contained within the tobaccos that are extracted into the e-liquid. There are however steps you can take to reduce this impact.

    Rotate your coils – One tip is to rotate your coils every few days and boil the old ones in water with a few drops of white vinegar and washing liquid (be sure to flush with clean water afterwards; pinch and block the holes at the bottom - blow through the top to remove any water from the cotton) to remove any residual e-liquid, dry them and reuse them. If you do this daily or every other day you can significantly retain the flavour of your e-liquids. 

    Use a cotton bud: Each day before you before you vape, push a cotton bud down the centre of the coil and carefully rotate the cotton bud on the inside of the coil removing any daily build-up. You must be careful in doing this, as any excessive force could reposition the spacing on the coils.  

    What Is E-Liquid?

    So what is the liquid that is being atomised by your electronic cigarette? E-liquid or e-juice is what ultimately becomes the vapour you inhale and exhale. It’s usually made up of:

    • Vegetable glycerine
    • Propylene glycol
    • Nicotine
    • Flavouring 
    • Distilled water (for dilution)

    N.B. The House of Liquid only uses extracts from exquisite tobacco leaves for its EL TORO range and pure organic extracts for its Premium Organic liquids.

    How to choose e-liquid nicotine strength for your vaporiser

    Choosing an e-liquid that matches your current nicotine level is essential for your initial switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes and nicotine vaporisers.

    We recommend all new customers start with 15mg as this is most comparable to a traditional cigarette and will be the best level for someone quitting cigarettes. We do however have other levels of nicotine which allow you to chose your level of intensity.

    Use the chart below to help you choose what best suits you.


    Selecting the correct nicotine level will ensure an easy and enjoyable move to e-cigs and personal vaporisers. Don't just take it from us as most health professionals also recommend that when choosing a replacement nicotine product, finding one that contains the same amount of nicotine as the original product is crucial to a successful transition from tobacco-based cigarettes to healthier e-cigarette options.

    No Nicotine: This level will work for you if you just want the feel of smoking a cigarette. If you are anything more than an extremely light (a few cigarettes a week) smoker, this won’t be enough.

    5mg: Considered the ultra-light level, 5mg can be effective if you are used to smoking ultra-light cigarettes.

    15mg: The majority of smokers will want to begin at this level of liquid nicotine or higher. If you smoke a regular cigarette and have up to a pack a day, you will want your e-cigarette liquid to contain at least 15mg of liquid nicotine.

    20mg: This delivers a big hit of nicotine and is suitable for people who were smoking a more than a pack a day or more of the stronger brands. 

    25mg: This is considered a high dose of nicotine, and for those who are really looking for the unfiltered strength, 25mg will be the answer. However, if you choose a nicotine strength that’s too high, you’ll quickly overload your body and start to feel ill and light-headed.

    Chances of success

    Of course, nicotine isn't the only factor that determines your ability to succeed, the flavour and PG/VG blend certainly contribute as well. We make the most authentic tobacco E-Liquids, making the selection much easier for first-time vapers with our tobacco flavours, which are designed with the perfect blend of flavours to enhance what we feel most smokers prefer. We believe our authentic tobacco E-Liquids greatly increase the first time vapers chances of success in moving away from traditional cigarettes.

    Please remember that we are always here to help and you can contact us anytime on for advice.

    We can be reached in the following ways:

    Telephone: (+44) 01623 628710
    Our headquarters is located at:
    House of Liquid
    Woodhouse Road
    NG18 2BQ



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