By House of Liquid


Propylene Glycol USP/EP
Vegetable Glycerin USP/EP
Real Extracts / Flavourings
Nicotine USP/EP

We are working hard to ensure that all our tobaccos used for the "steeping process" are naturally cultivated and pesticide free. We are using very respectable suppliers that are as committed as we are to superior products and against any form of child labour in the cultivation and production of the tobaccos.

Flavouring Extracts
House Of Liquid is committed to using only real extracts to enhance our liquids. We are using only the best suppliers worldwide and we demand nothing but the best. Most of our real extracts are developed specifically for vaping under our guidance, are exclusive to House Of Liquid, and registered with the Organic Soil Association. 

Please Note
No artificial colours, flavourings, or sugars/sweeteners have been used for the production of this product.

Our bottles are custom designed and made from substantial Food Grade certified PET. They are treated to protect against UV and sun radiation that can cause severe deterioration of the liquid. Both bottle and cap are independently Certified as "Child Resistant" and "Shatter-proof" and fully comply with the EU regulations.

The outer-package is resealable and made of Metallised PET, a cutting edge material designed for the food industry. It offers significant protection to the product while regulates a constant temperature. Extreme temperatures during transportation can seriously effect the quality of all the liquids especially in case of the all natural House Of Liquid approach.


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